Season 4

Episode 1: Honolulu
Christian and Kim attend pride in Honolulu, Hawaii to learn about Māhū identity, the “I Am A Boy” buttons and the healer stones of Kapaemahu.

Episode 2: Stockholm
Mark travels to Stockholm, Sweden to explore queer witches in the Viking era, a female king and the struggle of LGBTQ+ people during the war in Ukraine.

Episode 3: Mexico City
Saba attends the “International Queer Tango Festival” in Mexico City, Mexico to learn about the Zona Rosa, the dance of the 41 and the city’s unique take on drag and ballroom culture.

Episode 4: Montreal
Michael Venus explores close to home in Montreal, Quebec where he learns about the Montreal Olympic “Cleanup”, preserving lesbian history and “mothering” the future.

Episode 5: Charlotte
Kim and Christian head to pride in Charlotte, North Carolina to learn about the state’s infamous “bathroom bill” and how religious members of the LGBTQ+ community are creating space.

Episode 6: Melbourne
Mark attends “Midsumma Festival” in Melbourne, Australia where he explores gay bushrangers, the first all-woman garage workshop and how to celebrate aging in our community.

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