Season 3

Episode 1: Phoenix
Mark attends his first pride festival in 2 years in Phoenix, Arizona to learn about the creation of the trans flag, the Navajo gender spectrum and the return of pride in the age of the COVID pandemic.

Episode 2: Dublin
Mark travels to Dublin, Ireland to meet with “The Queen of Ireland” to learn about “the danger of a kiss”, the marriage referendum and the queer youth mental health crisis.

Episode 3: Puerto Vallarta
Mark attends “Beefdip Bear Week” in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where he learns about bear culture, body positivity and how the city became “The San Francisco of Mexico”

Episode 4: Provincetown
Michael travels to Provincetown, Massachusetts to learn about how this fishing village became the largest artist colony in America and a premier LGBTQ+ destination.

Episode 5: Vancouver – Part 1
Mark attends the crowning of new monarchs in Vancouver, British Columbia where he learns about The Imperial Court System, a little bookstore that took on the Government of Canada and the tenacity of two-spirit people.

Episode 6: Vancouver – Part 2
Mark attends “Pride in Chinatown” where he continues his exploration of Vancouver, British Columbia and learns about “The Purge” and the healing power of giving during the AIDS and COVID pandemics.

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