Season 1

Episode 1: New York City

Mark and Michael attend NYC Black Pride where they learn about ball culture, the origins of “Pride” and how New York City fought the AIDS pandemic.


Episode 2: Salt Lake City

Mark and Michael travel to Salt Lake City, Utah to learn about Latter-Day Saints LGBTQ history, the church’s involvement in Proposition 8 and the LGBTQ Mormon youth experience today.


Episode 3: Hong Kong

Mark travels to Hong Kong SAR, China where he explores sexual diversity in Ancient China and learns about the challenges faced by LGBTQ activists operating in an undemocratic political system.


Episode 4: Palm Springs

Michael travels to Palm Springs, California where he learns about how this small town grew into an LGBTQ retirement mecca and how the world’s largest lesbian event began.


Episode 5: Calgary

Mark and Michael travel to Calgary, Alberta to learn about Indigenous two-spirit identities and the little-known history of how homosexuality was decriminalized in Canada 50 years ago.


Episode 6: Berlin

Mark and Michael travel to Christopher Street Day in Berlin, Germany and learn about the Golden 20s, the world’s first institute for the study of sexuality and the LGBTQ experience during Nazi Germany.

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