Season 2

Episode 1: San Francisco
Mark and Michael attend “Folsom Fair” in San Francisco, California to learn about the history of leather culture, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the world’s first transgender district.


Episode 2: Johannesburg

Mark attends “The Pride of Africa” in Johannesburg, South Africa to learn about pre-colonial same-sex desire across the continent and the LGBTQ+ experience during Apartheid.


Episode 3: Halifax

Michael visits Halifax, Nova Scotia to explore the city’s complicated relationship with the armed forces and how Halifax’s LGBTQ+ activists were Canadian trailblazers.


pride_web_manchester3Episode 4: Manchester
Mark attends “The Sparkle Weekend” in Manchester, England to learn about trans visibility in British television, a king and his same-sex lovers and “The Father of Computer Science”.


Episode 5: Miami

Michael attends “Celebrate Orgullo” in Miami, Florida to learn about the La Paloma raids, Anita Bryant’s Save Our Children campaign and the Mariel Boatlift.


Episode 6: Auckland

Mark visits Auckland, New Zealand/Aotearoa to explore Māori takatāpui identity, Intersex advocacy and how pride has gone back to its roots.

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